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Annual Mountain Man show featuring muzzle loading firearms and all the equipment necessary for your next outing.

Our range facilities and meeting place are graciously provided by Issaquah Sportsman’s Club (ISC) , Issaquah, Washington.  We have a monthly shooting match at the range in Issaquah. Guest shooters are welcomed as an opportunity to share our fun and get to know potential new members.


2024 Gun Show

March 9th & 10th, 2024 @ Enumclaw, WA

Muzzle Loading Firearms, Workshops, Crafts, Arts & More

Monthly Shoots

Every 3rd Sunday @ noon

Issaquah sportsman’s Club

our history

Some time in 1964, a notice was posted on the bulletin board of the Issaquah Sportsmen’s Club suggesting the organizing of a muzzle loading club. Later that year, Bill Theno, who had a gun shop in Eastgate, Washington sent out post cards to muzzle loading shooters that he knew, announcing a meeting at his shop. About 18 or 20 people attended that first meeting. It was decided to have a shooting match at the Sportsmen’s Club. Probably about a dozen shooters showed up. They had another meeting, elected officers and named the club the Cascade Mountain Men.

Our activties

Our activities includes monthly shots, annual gun show, history education, family events and much more

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