Cascade Mountain Men Cascade Mountain Men

Monthly meeting:

Tuesday before the 3rd Sunday @ 8:00 PM

Monthly shoots:

Every 3rd Sunday @ noon

Contact Information

Existence of this web site does not imply a guarantee that all inquiries will be answered. If your expectations of a timely reply are not met, please accept our apology.  We try to handle correspondence promptly, but if you have time-critical need of a reply, it is wise not to rely solely on e-mail communication. This site is not monitored 24/7.  Unfortunately, we do not have a club phone number (ever see a mountain man with a phone?)

Please keep in mind that CMM is a non-profit social club which exists primarily for the enjoyment of its members. Some of us shoot guns, hunt, and wear fur, (among other activities)  as a celebration of our pioneer heritage; some don't. We are people from many walks of life, men and women, young and old, who have a common interest in, and appreciation for, the skills of the mountain men pioneers. We try to promote that appreciation in the general public to sustain a vigorous membership. CMM does not otherwise have a political agenda and we prefer not to hear about yours. We will usually exercise our right not to engage in debate or respond to disrespectful or uncivil anti-gun or anti-hunting, or anti-anything comments or criticisms. However, we may respond to intelligent and respectful inquiries if you feel so compelled. 

If you share our interests and would like information, or you would like to send us information we might appreciate, please write or e-mail us and include the following:

Your full name
postal Address
email address
telephone number (if you want us to call & may we call collect)
The subject of your inquiry
Details, details, details

Cascade Mountain Men
Attn:  Secretary
PO Box 1296
Issaquah, WA 98027-1296

The CMM Officers:


Ernst Schubert


Dennis Dunleavy


Andy Williamson


Steve Baima

Range Officers:

Harry Charowski



Kate Kahle